Permanent Hair Reduction with Laser like results?!

Epilfree is a post waxing treatment which is a part of a comprehensive hair removal treatment to inhibit and slow down regrowth of body hair to achieve up to 90% hair reduction results.

This scientific formulation is based on the combination of 82% natural and 18% safe synthetic ingredients and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus. This means the product is 97% natural!

Epilfree is an in salon only product that is applied by the therapist after your regular waxing session. Once the area are waxed, the activator is applied on the area. This contains a high Ph level which enlarges the follicle up to 4 times.

Then the Toner will be applied, with ingredients that slows down the cell division thus slowing down the hair growth process.

The treatment is PAIN FREE, SAFE, AFFORDABLE, and can be done on tattoos, any skin type,hair color or area!

Out with laser, in with EPILFREE!